The MicroFueler (which can be scaled into larger MicroGrid Systems) has two main physical components: (1) a distillation apparatus combined with the pumping station and E-Fuel100™ cellulosic ethanol holding tank (collectively referred to as the MicroFueler); and (2) a 250 gallon Organic Fuel Tank to hold organic waste for processing into E-Fuel100 fuel by the MicroFueler. Reduced to an appliance-sized unit, the MicroFueler has the same user-friendly LCD interface found at most fueling stations and is enhanced with touch screen technology. This remarkable product uses micro sensors and state-of-the-art semiconductor technology to keep the unit size small. True to its portable design, having a combustion free process makes the unit safe for placement and operation in virtually any location. To further simplify the E-Fuel100 ethanol production for consumers, the MicroFueler supports a variety of organic waste for conversion into fuel. Processing organic waste material through the MicroFueler is the ultimate clean energy and environmentally friendly solution that makes centralized fuel and power grid independence possible.

Organic Fuel Tank with fermentation feature

Up to four (4) Organic Fuel Tanks (OFT) may be connected to a single MicroFueler. Each OFT is able to store up to 250 gallons of liquid organic waste for processing by the MicroFueler. The OFT includes elements to maintain the optimal environment for fermentation. Multiple OFTs may be connected to a MicroFueler which will allow a continuous supply of organic fuel in a high production environment.


Get Off the Grid with the E-Fuel GridBuster™

Homes, business and large communities will be able to daisy chain generators, for maximum power generation, together to drop off the conventional and expensive electrical grid and become energy independent. Through a direct connection to the MicroFueler or MicroGrid, the GridBuster provides a supply of uniquely formulated E-Fuel100 ethanol. The control circuitry of the MicroFueler can manage the GridBuster for optimal performance. The GridBuster is connected to the building current through a special "Y" cable. When demand for electricity exceeds the capacity of the GridBuster, electricity is automatically pulled from the public electricity grid. The GridBuster dynamically calculates electrical requirements and adjusts its operation to meet the demands. When very little electricity is needed, the GridBuster drops down to an idle operation saving fuel and throttles up as demand increases.


The E-Fuel MicroGrid™ system is custom designed to meet the fuel and electrical power demand of homes, businesses or large communities. Customers can choose from MiniGrid modules, with built-in E-Fuel/CHP external energy saver feature, with annual starting fuel production capacity of 50,000 gallons to unlimited amount of gallons via scalable upgrade modules; combined with power generation of 25kW also scalable via upgrade modules to unlimited amount of power watts. All Mini/MicroGrids are connected to E-Fuel’s Wi-Fi or Satellite direct E-Fuel Global Network (EGN) so the system can operate in automated mode. Also, due to the redundant multi-column, reactor and generator module system architect design, it’s possible for the system to continue running when single modules fail. E-Fuel trained technicians can easily replace the modules using onsite spare modules and perform module repairs offsite for future replacement use. This special E-Fuel equipment design feature and maintenance process maximizes the reliability of the system. Even more important, it saves operating costs while creating jobs connected to the collection process of local biomass while eliminating expensive purchase of outside commercial energy.


The MicroFueler™, E-Fuel MicroGrid™ and GridBuster™ products are the world's first portable fuel micro-refinery and power systems; the technology is comprised of a multifunctional system that fractures, ferments and refines biomass into transportation fuel, electrical power and clean water under one turnkey system. The technology can safely provide (at a fraction of the cost compared to commercial energy) fuel and power for individual homes, offices or large communities using widely available biomass waste or wood pellets. E-Fuel’s technology replaces the traditional fuel industry system with a proprietary multi-column distillation technology, making it possible for homeowners, businesses and large communities to safely and cost-effectively create their own transportation fuel, electrical grid replacement power and biomass recovered fresh water on-site. 


The E-Fuel Corporation's technological breakthrough significantly reduces the size, weight and cost by offering micro-size solid waste sugar reactors, accelerated fermentation, multi-column distillation and E-Fuel100 powered generator systems required to produce fuel and power. Dedicated to the "produce where you consume" energy model, E-Fuel allows consumers, businesses and large communities to safely produce fuel and power at the point of consumption, eliminating energy disruption problems associated with commercial centralized production, distribution of fuel and electrical power.