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What is the E-Fuel Corporation?

The E-Fuel Corporation was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Tom Quinn and ethanol fuel CTO Floyd Butterfield to create an efficient micro-fuel refinery product so consumers, businesses and large communities can break their dependence on oil. E-Fuel has developed a business model and product design that makes fuel and power access practical and cost competitive against the centralized energy establishment.

What is E-Fuel Corporation's mission?

E-Fuel's mission is to provide everyone access to making their own reliable and clean energy that is superior to the centralized energy establishment, kind to the environment, inexpensive to produce, and easily accessible. To accomplish this, E-Fuel has introduced the MicroFueler™ and E-Fuel Personal Energy System™ products as the smart alternative to centralized energy manufacturers. The PES is designed to be both environmentally sound, scalable and a money saving device for all power and heating energy production requirements which is the most two important characteristics not found in any other power utility services or renewable energy products.

The New Revolutionary E-Fuel Personal Energy System

The Personal Energy System (PES) is an organic combustion powered generator that can power and use the excess waste energy to heat homes for free without the local power and gas utility company. PES objective is to eliminate consumer reliance on the energy grid, help consumers manage their escalating energy cost and aggressively reduce global warming emissions. PES can accomplish these goals for less than the purchase cost of solar and battery backup systems, at $2 dollars per watt without tax subsidies. The electrical setup is similar to solar but instead of feeding the power grid to reduce the monthly bill, the PES disconnects the utility power and heating from the facility. In the event the PES goes down, the PES control system instantly reconnects power to the utility.


PES has an exclusive Perpetual Energy Cage with 260-gallon fuel tank and oil exchange system which can help power a home for up to 3 weeks during active power usage before refueling. The PES genset can provide up to 1100 watts/Lf compared to solar 10 watts, allowing energy co-ops to form. And its energy density and power will never decline over time which solar and batteries are prone to. When going off grid at home, the PES can reduce global warming emissions up to 99%. It comes with two PES combustion gensets that provide backup power and heating during equipment maintenance. In addition to operating on gasoline or commercial ethanol blends, the PES is the first to offer E100 hydrous ethanol fuel compatibility which has become a popular homebrewed low-cost clean alternative fuel used in Brazil. The E-Fuel dealer network can provide installation, product servicing and arrange automated fuel delivery service to home or office.

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